Virtual Mobility 4 in Aradippou, Cyprus “Respect”

We held our meeting as Virtual cause of COVID-19.


POSTERS WITH THE TITLE: “Being a student in the Pandemic times”!!

PHOTOS WITH THE TITLE: “Keep the distance”!!!

The winner for the photo contest was PORTUGAL!!!

HUMAN FINITUDE – Carolina Teixeira


“Bullying…How much do I know?”


“What Bullying means to you, in one word”

Lets Play Kahoot!!!


In these very difficult times in which we are suffering a global pandemic,

it is when the values ​​that have been worked on throughout the almost two years of the project are more important.

From each school, each city, each country, we are facing this situationtogether and supporting each other.

From now until this situation is resolved, we will adapt our work to what has arisen and we will collect all those acts of solidarity, respect,and help that occur in our society and with our students and their families.

We can do it, we can win.

Parade against Bullying

This morning, 30th january 2020, students from Secondary Education of Manuel Bartolomé Cossío school took part of the parade against Bullying organized by the members of the townhall of Fuenlabrada city.. 23 high schools joined efforts for showing unit against bullying at school.

No-Violence at School Day!!!!! Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal

Still regarding the celebration of the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace in the Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal :

Following the offer of 30 olive trees to the school, each class was tasked with planting a fragment of the Jardim dos Pacifistas. A Garden where “care” is the watchword assumed as a collective task, where each pacifist must inspire actions to trigger positive change, leading the classes of the elderly to sponsor the classes of the youngest, in a true dialogue of generations.
30 olive trees of peace, 30 thoughts of inner peace, 30 people who impressed the world with a mark of peace, 30 words and inspiring poems of peace. In this way, we try day by day, in the educational mission, to cultivate a global peace, a sustainable peace and, mainly, a Peace that springs from the heart, from the care of the land and the care of others.
Another initiative with the EMRC and Erasmus Project RESTORE 4U brand!

Day of Tolerance

During the third Mobility to Spain, end of October, the members of our four schools celebrated in advance the International Day of Tolerance creating posters with the topic `Tolerance Zero´to all those things we want to delete from our society: violence, bullying, pollution, etc.
But also at schools, on the 16th of November, we did special activities about this value.

day of tolerance